Why would you want to hide your IP address from websites? Security is one big reason. Yes, it would be nice to think that all webmasters are trustworthy and value your privacy, but that is simply naive. Once your browser opens any page of a website, it's likely that your IP address has been recorded into a log file of some sort. That IP address can be transmitted to advertising servers to build profiles of your surfing habits, or it may be used to track your future visits. In the worst case scenario, your IP address can be used as a target for hacking attempts once it has been detected. Still other websites may display your IP publicly when you post a message in their forum. All of these issues lead to privacy concerns which may make you want to hide IP address from websites visited.

There are several options for reducing the risk associated with visiting questionable sites. First and foremost, you should always have anti-virus software and a firewall running. There is simply no replacement for these standard protections. Now, as for the privacy of your IP, here are your options:

Hide IP address from Websites bottega veneta tote using a Free Relay

It is possible to "bounce" your Internet requests off of an intermediate server, causing visited websites to detect only the IP address of that server, and not your own IP address. Typically these relays are one of two types: proxy or VPN. To give you an idea of how they work, try configuring your browser as shown below:

For Internet Explorer: go to the Tools menu and select "Internet Options". Then go to Connections and click on LAN Settings (assuming you're using broadband). Now, in the "Proxy Server" section, check both of the checkboxes. For "Address" enter relay.testproxy.org and for "Port" enter 8231. Now open a new browser window and try surfing. A list of testing sites will be bottega veneta clutches knot provided for verifying that your IP has been masked.

For Firefox: go to the Tools menu and select "Options". Then go to Advanced and click Network, then Connection/Settings. Check the boxes for "manual proxy configuration" and "use this proxy for all protocols". Now, open a new browser window and click Reload to check your IP.

Instructions http://www.bottegavenetavip.com/ will also be displayed for reversing the IP mask, and for getting less restricted settings for free.

Hide IP address from Websites using a Relay Service

There are also numerous fee-based relay services that will permit you to avoid the inconvenience of searching for free settings. One example is iPrivacyTools.com, which allows you to hide IP address (change it) on the fly via a small dropdown selection box on your web browser. There are several other services that provide bottega veneta hobo various relaying features, some targeting unique markets. For example, some are geared toward changing your IP address to a particular location or country, while others focus on privacy by encrypting your connection and hiding your IP address communications (even from your ISP). You can do a little comparison shopping on Google by searching for the features that you need, like "hide IP address from websites", or "change IP address to USA", etc.

Hide IP Address by Changing IP Address (for Windows)

Sometimes you might want to just start fresh with a completely new IP address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). While the frequency with which you can get a new IP address issued is limited by your ISP's policies, if you've never done so before then you shouldn't have any problem. Start by checking your current IP address at FindMyIPAddress.com. Then delete your web browser cookies, and close your web browser completely. If you're using a router, unplug it, and connect your computer directly to your broadband modem. Now, make sure that you have an Internet connection again by browsing to any website. If it doesn't connect, then you'll need to restart your computer and modem and try again.

[Note for dialup users: you do not need bottega veneta wallets on sale to follow any of the steps here. To get a new IP address, just redial, or dial in through another access number.]

Once you broadband users have your Internet connection back, go to your computer's START menu, then to All Programs, Accessories, and open "Command Prompt". At the prompt, type "ipconfig /release" (without the quotes, and with the space after the first word) and then bottega veneta crossbody bag sale Enter. Now, unplug your modem from its electrical outlet and remove its backup battery if it has one. Wait about 30 seconds and then restart your computer and plug the modem back in at the same time. When you get your Internet connection back, you should (hopefully) have a new IP address.

If you have any trouble, and would like to see some screenshots, check out the article "Hide IP Address in bottega veneta tote bag Windows 7 and Vista".

If this method does not accomplish your objectives, keep in mind bottega veneta that simply changing your connection will also hide the IP address that is currently issued to you. For example, temporarily using a free ISP like Netzero to access the Internet, or taking your laptop to a free WiFi hotspot, will give you an alternate Internet identity. Yes, it's not exactly convenient, but it is an option.

Warning about Anonymous Surfing


In my personal opinion, there is really no such thing as anonymous surfing these days. Everything you do on the Internet is traceable under certain circumstances. For example, if you break the law, authorities can most bottega veneta top handle likely request any type of relay service (free or paid) to reveal your true IP address. Likewise, even if you change your IP often using the Windows method, your ISP will likely have records of every IP that was ever issued to you at a particular time. From this perspective, Internet privacy is only protected if you use your Internet connection responsibly.